Monday, October 1, 2012

First Day of Work~

Ah, today was my first day of work as an audit associate. I went to Sri Aman with a colleague to do stock take of a plantation field of the client. The car journey took 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach the destination and about 2 hours for our stock taking activity to take place, and another 4 hours and 30 minutes to back to the office. By that time, it was 6.30 pm, then I have been allowed to went back home. 

Oh god, first day of my working, I didn't even managed to know the others 'future' working pals of mine except the guy colleague who accompanied me along to the plantation field, I didn't even stepped into the office and get to know how the office looked like. =.=

All the time spent was basically in the car. The car journey wasn't enjoyable as the road into the plantation's office was so bumpy, the car keep 'shaking & jumping' for like 35 minutes before we reached the office. I felt bit dizzy, I was thinking I would rather walk to the plantation's office than sitting inside the car. And wow, beside the office, there is a lake whereby the view of the lake was in blue-green colour, got resort feel, I mean the lake only, not the trees! lol~

Hmmm, the weather was hot! And my colleague started to get the necessary documents like stock list, sequential goods issued notes and counted. Later, we went to the warehouses to do the counting of stock  which were the fertilizers bags and chemicals. Basically, I didn't do much, I was just following behind him and he did all the things as I am the newbie. However, he did taught me about the procedures to select the sample size, to do cut off, to roll back, bla bla bla~. Then after the stock count, the car need to 'shake' all the way out again... =.=

Ah har, I did managed to converse quite a lot with the colleague along the car journey.  He told me a lot about the other colleagues' thingy, their office norm, the boss, etc etc etc... but what I can do was visualising what he said as I just have not managed to see and greet them in person yet..

He told me that the day i went to the office to collect my offer letter, the ppl in the whole office started to stalk  on my facebook!! =0 And he even can easily said out my birthday date!  OH NO! I can imagined that the office 'ba gua-ness' gossips gonna be scary!
He told me quite a lot about himself too, and I was surprised that he even told me his ex-gf working in the firm together as well. =X
He even asked me the immune question of mine: Having a bf or not, and of cuz I said no! "Why No? you're tall, slim, fair, having long hair... Then if so, you'll sure kena bully by all the female colleagues later as all of them having bf.."  I was thinking, what the hell to do with no bf and thus will kena bully??!! =,=''

I was being told by him that tomorrow I will be getting new laptop which is for the office use... hahahaha

Conclusion of the day, I AM TIRED of sitting in the bumpy car for hours!!!! Hopefully tomorrow will be a good and relaxing day for me.. =)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

❈ Start afresh~ ❈

It has been a year for me to post. Actually it was because everytime I felt like posting up something, I just cannot log in to my own blog. I have been sorting out and asking for Wendy to help me up when she was back here in Kuching last August, but both of us totally forgot about it and what we did were outing, outing and outing...

And then now Wendy was back to study, I still bugged her about my blog week ago... But fortunately, after many many many attempts, I finally get my blog back! But the blog setting was so foreign to me, everything changed...

Hmm, then back to my life~
Yesh, I have completed my study!! I am now an ACCA affiliate, I really feeling grateful and thankful to ✞ Lord Jesus ✞ for listening to my prayers and loving me so much. I also gained a degree from Oxford Brookes University of UK in BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting. Though this degree is lower than ACCA qualification, I am still gladful about it. hihihik~ So I will be attending the ACCA convocation in Kuala Lumpur in the mid month of coming October. Hope everything goes well and finally can meet all my lovely friends in KL! Smiley smiley face~

And i got a job as audit associate in one of the Big 4 accounting firms, Deloitte. Will start my working life on 1 Oct, though the starting salary is not much, but I am happy with it. Furthermore, someone tell me that at my age, the working philosophy should be ' Work to Learn, instaed of Work to Earn'.
and Wow, received calls from the firm that I gonna having 'stock taking' in Sri Aman which is at plantation field on the first day of my work~ 3 hours journey to go there, 3 hours journey to come back, but perhaps only 30 minutes to 1 hour for the stock taking activity.. =,=
Whatever it is, I think that gonna be an super fresh & exciting experience, anticipating though.. ;)

And I have just worked at my brother-in-law's law firm as a '2 days staff" as the lawyers were outstation and I was owning the office, lol... Basically what I have done were just simple stuff like answering calls, attempting client's, witnessed the sign off of agreements, issuing receipts, photocopying, scanning, send and receive fax. There were no pressure at all as no one is monitoring me. Hahahaha~ xp

The office table I used for 2 days~

As for my 3 months holiday, there's nothing special. Just an outing over another outing with mostly Monopoly Deal card game --- K Box Embassy, Chef At Home, The Emporium, Secret Garden Bistro, Piccolo Cafe, Fullhouse, Santubong, Damai Central, Sanga Japanese Restaurant, Isabella, Life Cafe, Ipoh Town, Stone Grill, Kado, Bravo Delizze, Alfresco, Happy Valley, Hui Sing Hawker, Jase Tea Room,  Sharing Planet, Premier 101, Open Air, K-11, Secret Recipe, Sushi King, Courtyard, Peach Garden, Tarot Cafe, KFC, Sidewalk, The Gingerbread House, MBO cineplex, McD, Starbucks, bing! coffee, Zest, Hijau, Bombay Spices, Bla Bla Bla, Boon's house & Novus Cafe whereby it's Andrew Chai's favourite. Strong friendship bond was built among us (the ex-alphians) with all these exploring eatery in Kuching with them especially when the setting up of 'Kepomas - WhereKepoHappens' in Whatsapp and the members currently are Tien, Cheng, Boon & me, whereby we always talked random stuff, ahahahaha~ =')

Polaroid pics for AC during the farewell. Will surely miss u lotsss! ❤

It have been nearly 2 months that I am having my braces and I am getting used to it now. Though it was a bit uncomfortable and slight pain during the first week, but I am still able to bare with it, hopefully after the orthodontics treatment, there would be desired results. =D

Between ❀ ✿ ✾  HAPPY MID AUTUMN Fest ✽ ❃ ❋ everyone!  

Everything will be a new page for me tomorrow. I will work hard for it, fightin~ jia u jia u jia u!   ◕‿◕

★ ✩ ✮ ✯ ✰ ☆